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Product Characteristics

All of our products are made from high quality spruce or oak timber, which is well dry to 8-10% relative humidity (joiner timber quality category). Such as drying allows next smooth surface processing and following impregnation penetrates deep into the timber. Our products are boxed carefully in paste-board and delivered either as completed sets or as self constructional sets with user manual.

There are no connecting components on upper side of sitting or table parts.

Spruce timber is lighter than pine. It has the yellow-white color, which becomes more yellow on the sunshine(in case it is not painted). The timber is lightweight and elastic. It can be easily painted or stained

Oak timber is one of the best wood for indoor and outdoor furniture. It is long-life in dry or wet atmosphere. In the past it was used for ships building. The timber is very hard and can be treated using oil or wax only. All of our products can be made of oak timber, but the delivery time is Langer and final price higher than the pine or spruce timber.

For the surface painting we use finnland preparation - Teknos. This paint ensures timber protection against fungi, dry-rot, UV radiation and other weather biases. To guarantee solid and deep impregnation, the products are painted by hand instead of spray. The final colour depends on the type and amount of the wood finish as well as the roughness, quality and porosity of the wood surface. To ensure long time quality and look of wooden products, we are always keeping all paint manufacturers technological procedures.

All our products can be disassembled easily and stored with minimum space demands (eg. in winter period). They can be also covered in winter directly in outdoor area.